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Nowadays it is much easier for swingers to get in touch with each other than before. Until the turn of the century it was not unusual for swingers for home dates to try to get in touch with each other through all kinds of dubious sex ads in sex bookl

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My Partner Says No To Swinging

My Partner Says No To Swinging

Swinging or swapping partners is often a point of heated discussions within a relationship. It is often the case that one partner wants this and that the other is not happy. What if your partner doesn't like it and you feel like it? How do you persuade him or her to go on a Swing date? Find out how your partner feels about sex? To estimate whether your partner is open to swinging, it is a good s ... [...]

Tips for a successful first Swinger date

You and your partner are open to have swinger dates and to actually come into contact with other like-minded couples, you decide to register with a Swinger Dating Site. After registering and having some online conversations you will come across an ideal Swing couple with whom you can meet because there is a mutual click. You agree to meet each other. On the day itself you are enthusiastic, nervou ... [...]