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Explore the world of cosplay dating here at 121 Cosplay. We will connect you with cosplay lovers from all over the world.

Are you super in love with Spiderman? Have you always wanted a date with Superman? Then you are at the right place at 121 Cosplay Dating. There are a number of users on this site who like to date dressed up with other like-minded people. It is not only nice to come into contact with like-minded people, but it also creates a bit of tension between users. Which movie character or cartoon character will you date today? With a bit of luck you will find someone who lives in your street or neighborhood. Dress up outside and inside the bedroom. Find casual hookups with no feelings or find long term meets - the choice is yours. Dress up and meet up here. Does this seem interesting to you? Sign up for free today at 121 Cosplay Dating.

On this site, cosplay enthusiasts can meet other like-minded people dressed up individually or together with a partner in a safe and discreet environment. Becoming a member of this site is fairly simple. All you have to do is fill in the online click-through form or by clicking on "become a member", "sign up here" or "meet cosplayers". After clicking on this, a form appears in which you can indicate what your gender is, what your sexual preference is, what your e-mail address is and the password of your choice. In addition, you will be asked for your personal information and information that relates to your ideal partner. After processing this data and clicking on registration, an e-mail is sent to the specified e-mail address to confirm the registration. After confirming the registration you can immediately get started with finding an interesting date.


Once an account has been created and one you are logged on, you will be presented with a number of matches. You can then indicate for yourself whether or not you are interested. If such a match comes along you can see what the person is looking for, a date, chat or e-mail contact, the age of the person, where the person lives and a profile photo. This way you can also score a nice date.

Types of membership

All new members receive a free account with which they can view profiles of other users and send private messages. However, with a free account you have limited access to the various functionalities of the site. If you want to increase the chance of a successful cosplay date, you can also upgrade your account to a VIP account. With a VIP account you can also read private messages and use the "search priority" option.

Articles about 121 Cosplay

Why do people choose Cosplay Dating?

Why do people choose Cosplay Dating?

If you're browsing the internet looking for an exciting dating site, chances are you will come across a dating site focused on "cosplay dating". You may wonder what cosplay is and why people choose this form of dating. What is Cosplay? Cosplay is a form of performance art in which the participants use costumes and accessories to portray a certain character or idea. In the broader sense of the wo ... [...]

Cosplay and Dating

More and more often it happens that people like to date dressed up as super hero with other like-minded people. It is a new development, there is a great need for contact with like-minded people and dating sites are responding to this by creating cosplay dating sites. But what does Cosplay actually mean? For many people, cosplay is a beloved hobby that involves a lot of time and energy. Unfortuna ... [...]

121 Cosplay Reviews

    Very unique Cosplay dating site

    Four weeks ago I decided to become member of this unique dating site. I am a Bi- cosplay lover and wanted to get in touch with other cosplay minded man and woman. That is the main reason that I signed up for his dating site. In my opinion the site is very unique because it gives you the opportunity to meet other like minded man, woman and couples. You will be amazed by the numbers of man and woman who are looking for a Cosplay date. Some request me to be Tarzan while other like me to be Batman. I really like the environment and the members of this site. I really can be myself on this dating site. An other advantage is that this site is very safe and reliable to start dating. The site is protected by the online dating guardian. So you don't have to worry that your personal information will be handed without any reason to a third party for other reasons. Enough reason to recommend this dating site to every cosplay lover.

    - The site is protected by the online dating guardian

    - The site contains a lot of cosplay lovers

    - Registration and searching profiles is completely free

    A site to meet your Super Hero

    I am a real Super Hero fan and of course it would be nice if I could meet my like minded super hero princess. But if you search the internet for a cosplay dating site you will notice that there are only a few dating sites that are focused on Cosplay dating. So, I was very happy to come on the dating site of 121 Cosplay. Even though the site didn't provide enough information on the home page I was eager to know what the possibilities were on this dating site. So I registered myself and became a member of this site and I don't regret my choice. I didn't there were so much Cosplay lovers. I even found me a serious cosplay date within a week. She is a super man fan and I love to dress like Superman so we make a fine team together. I also want to recommend this dating site to all my other fellow cosplay brothers and sisters. Join this site and lets have our own Cosplay community.

    There are a lot of cosplay lovers on this dating site and it doesn't take long to get in touch with a like minded man or woman.

    The home page of the site doesn't contain enough pictures and or information with regard to cosplay dating but it is still interesting to make use of because there are very few cosplay oriented dating sites.

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