A site to meet your Super Hero

A site to meet your Super Hero

I am a real Super Hero fan and of course it would be nice if I could meet my like minded super hero princess. But if you search the internet for a cosplay dating site you will notice that there are only a few dating sites that are focused on Cosplay dating. So, I was very happy to come on the dating site of 121 Cosplay. Even though the site didn't provide enough information on the home page I was eager to know what the possibilities were on this dating site. So I registered myself and became a member of this site and I don't regret my choice. I didn't there were so much Cosplay lovers. I even found me a serious cosplay date within a week. She is a super man fan and I love to dress like Superman so we make a fine team together. I also want to recommend this dating site to all my other fellow cosplay brothers and sisters. Join this site and lets have our own Cosplay community.

There are a lot of cosplay lovers on this dating site and it doesn't take long to get in touch with a like minded man or woman.

The home page of the site doesn't contain enough pictures and or information with regard to cosplay dating but it is still interesting to make use of because there are very few cosplay oriented dating sites.

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