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Are you looking for people who love dogging as much as you do? Then you are in the right place at 121 dogging. Here you will find couples from all over the country looking for people who would like to watch while having sex. And also as an exhibitionist couple you will have no trouble finding public for your public sex adventures. Dogging is popular everywhere and you can find our members everywhere in the world, wherever you are.

What is dogging exactly?

There are many wild stories about dogging. Many people who have heard of it also have an opinion about it, while few really know what it means. In dogging, couples have sex with each other in public, while people who like that watch them. The couples like to be watched during the act, while the gathered audience finds it very exciting to see everything properly. This is therefore a way in which voyeurs and exhibitionists can meet each other in a very spontaneous and non-committal manner without bothering other people.

With dogging, sex always takes place in a publicly accessible place, for example in a parking lot or in a park. Who has sex in a swingers club can often count on attention, but because this is not a public place, this is not a dogging. In addition, it is not certain that you can also participate as a voyeur, but this is sometimes possible. Every experienced dogger will be able to tell you that sometimes whole orgies take place, arise completely spontaneously and that is precisely why it is incredibly tasty and exciting. In the first place, however, it's all about viewing and being viewed.

Good examples of dogging are, for example, couples making love in the car with each other while other men, women and couples watch. Another popular way of dogging takes place especially in the summer, on nudist beaches or in recreational areas. There, couples can have undisturbed sex while others watch. That is why it is often worthwhile for people who find this interesting to go to a nudist beach nearby on a summer day. With a bit of luck and patience, you can then be presented with very exciting performances. Would you rather know immediately where couples have agreed with each other with their doggers? Then become a member with us and you will be the first to know.


If you also really want to experience a "steamy outdoor action", you can immediately create an account and search for like-minded people on this site. You can do this by filling in the online click-through form or by clicking on “join 121 dogging”. After clicking on this, an online click-through form will appear in which you can indicate what your gender is and what your sexual preference is. You can also enter an e-mail address and password of your choice. After processing all relevant information and clicking on registration, an automatic message will be sent to the specified e-mail address when registering to confirm registration. After confirming your registration you can start immediately with finding an exciting 121 Dogging date.

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Everything About Dogging Dating and More

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    121 Dogging for a new dogging experience

    Every Dogging lover on this site will agree with me, that 121 Dogging provides members with a new dogging experience. On this site you can for example start with sending messages to your favorite member. This can be a man, woman or couple. Is there is a click between you and the other person you can bring the chatting to another level by making an appointment with each other. You can make rules for the outdoor sex that you want to experience for example you can have a rule that you will communicate by a bottle (with a message in it), or you can make other arrangements. I found my dogging hotty and two weeks in a row I experience the most exciting dogging sex with him. So I would surely recommend this site to every Dogging lover,

    Event though it is not completely free to chat with other members of the site it is positive that the registration process of this site is free. Also if you want to search for other interesting members you can do it for free. Another positive side of this dating site is that is provides you with a new dogging experience. This has to do with the new concept of this interesting datingsite.

    Even though this dating site claims to be free of charge I experienced that I had to pay and or buy credits to chat with other members of the site. De amount that I had to was not to expensive, but it would be nice to notify me so that I could prepare myself for the payment.

    Top Dogging site

    121 Dogging is specially designed for anyone who loves outside sex. Do you enjoy having sex outdoors where there is a good chance of getting caught or where you can be spotted? Then you should definitely go to 121 Dogging. I've been a member of the site for three months myself and I don't regret it. In the beginning, the site didn't seem like anything to me because I couldn't get a nice date. I always had a nice conversation, but it never came to a real date. Fortunately, I didn't give up hope because a few weeks ago I met a nice slim girl who wants nothing more than outdoor sex. I can fantasize about the chat all day together, we are even so far that we have already tried different positions a few times. The chemistry between us is good, so although we'll stick to casual sex for now, it does us both good. If you have a busy work life, it is not convenient to maintain a relationship or married life, so we like this together.

    The cool thing about the site is that it is completely focused on dogging dates and more. So you know that all users on this site are looking for dogging sex, dogging buddies and more.
    Registering on this site is also free, you can create a free profile and you can view the profiles of other dogging enthusiasts for free.

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