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121 Dogging

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Are you looking for people who love dogging as much as you do? Then you are in the right place at 121 dogging. Here you will find couples from all over the country looking for people who would like to watch while having sex. And also as an exhibition

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Everything About Dogging Dating and More

Everything About Dogging Dating and More

Anonymous outdoor sex, dogging: whatever name you want to give it, people all over the world are venturing into it. But why? And where? How do you connect with other like-minded men and women for exciting dogging dates? This article answers all these questions. What makes outdoor sex so exciting? It gives a kick that people are watching you having sex outdoor or that you can be caught. The speed ... [...]

Dogging: Seeing and to be seen during sex

Outdoor sex simply means sex in public spaces. That can be a couple secretly sitting on the beach having sex, to a complete gangbang with dozens of spectators. The first form of outdoor sex comes from the gay world, where it is also called "dogging" or "cruising". These were gays who went looking for anonymous sex with other men at night in parks, parking lots or remote bushes. At the same time, t ... [...]