Signs that you are bisexual

Signs that you are bisexual

Signs that you are bisexual
December 4, 2020

Are you a married man or a married woman, are you in a straight relationship, and as a man, do you still feel warm inside when you get into an environment with another attractive, muscular man? Or do you feel that as a married woman, you also want to hang on every word of another woman? Then you might be bisexual. That is, when you have feelings for both men and women. But how do you know whether you fall for other people of the same sex? This article discusses some of the signals. Based on these signals, you can determine for yourself whether you are straight or bisexual. 

The signs

As a man, do you feel that you do not know which way to look at another nice man, but a handsome chick also regularly catches your admiring look? That does not necessarily mean that you are bisexual; maybe you are just interested in bisexuality and nothing more.  

You never doubted that you fall for men as a woman, but the female gender can certainly count on your interest. What would it be like to date, kiss or even more ...? Don’t worry. There's nothing wrong with a little curiosity.

 When are you're bi-curious?

  • If you fantasize about making out with a woman. Seriously, would a woman's lips taste much softer now? Sometimes you feel the need to try that out.
  • If, for example, you watch your girlfriend undress. During a sleepover with your friends, the inevitable moment comes when everyone takes out their pajamas. When you switch those tight jeans for something more comfortable, your eyes regularly slide towards your friends.
  • If you regularly have crushes on female celebs. Do you drool with hotties like Nick Bateman, Channing Tatum and Ashton Kutcher, but are you also regularly lost on the Instagram pages of Jennifer Lopez?
  • If you can't let go of the thought of a relationship with a woman. Would there really be such a difference between dating a man and a woman? It may seem like you're in a relationship with your best friend
  • If you find porn between two women fascinating. In your search history, you can regularly see a hot video of two women. Lesbian porn makes you very curious.
  • If you regularly fantasize about sex with a woman. You can't figure it out: how does that work now, sex with a chick? Would that be better than with a man? You may have much more intense orgasms than you have ever had.
  • If you find lesbian attractive While watching 'Orange Is The New Black,' you couldn't take your eyes off Ruby Rose. What a tough, sexy chick.
  • If the showers of your sports club are very interesting. After you have worked up a sweat during a heavy sports session, it is wonderful to rinse off in warm water. You can immediately cast unseen glances at your fellow sports chicks.

Bi- Dating - Dating sites for bisexuals

Not sure if you're bisexual, or bi-curious? Don't worry; you can always try a date with someone of the same sex you find interesting. You can sign up with a bi dating site like 121 Bi dating, search its profiles and contact interesting users. After a date, you should know for yourself whether you are heterosexual or bisexual. So it is always worth a try if you have any doubts about your sexual orientation.

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