Looking for a Hookup Date? Check out the best tips for safe online dating here

Looking for a Hookup Date? Check out the best tips for safe online dating here

Looking for a Hookup Date? Check out the best tips for safe online dating here
December 5, 2020

Nice dating, talking to each other a lot, exchanging a kiss and maybe ending up in bed after weeks. For some, that is too much trouble. Sometimes you just want sex. That is possible, but often you have less time to get to know someone and to be able to assess them properly. That's how you keep it safe when you're looking for sex.

Beforehand: Google your date, Google yourself

Have you ever fervently typed your name and address under an online petition? Did you just Instagram that you can enjoy the beautiful trees in your lane, with your hometown as a location? You have to be careful with that anyway, but especially if you start dating online. First, Google carefully what people can find about you publicly online, and while you're at it, screen your prospective sex partner. Probably nothing is wrong, but you can safe yourself from something afterwards if you discover something nasty during your date that you could have found on the internet before.

Take it easy

This may not immediately be a very sexy thing to start with, nor does it mean you have to go on ten dates. But: don't "promise" too much before you see each other for the first time. It could just be that you see your date and think, um, no. It could be his or her scent; it could turn out to be a catfish, whatever: anticipation is fun, but don't promise too much to avoid disappointment. Of course, you can always say no, whatever you promise, and no one has further reason to insist. But in this case, it still applies: better safe than sorry. Don't make it any more uncomfortable it is by keeping a low profile beforehand.

Do not meet at home

It is very wise not to meet at home for a hookup date. Take care of yourself. Never give your date your full name and use a nickname online: don't let your address slip. Don't let him or her take you home either, because then he or she will still know where you live. Nobody needs to know your address right away. If you would like to go to bed with someone right away, there is always a hotel or an Airbnb that you can book on the spot. If you do book a hotel room, immediately app your best friend where you hang out and with whom, just in case. For that reason, always go out with a fully charged phone and, in addition to that sexy set of lingerie, take your charger with you.


Finally, it is important to be confident. You are a beautiful person; you are looking for sex, you have arranged a date: own it. Radiate confidence, because that is not only very sexy, it is also very useful: people are less likely to take advantage of you. There are always those creeps in the world. This may diminish the spontaneity, but let that be mainly of the logistics surrounding your date and not of what goes on between the sheets, on tables and in toilets. So at last, fully enjoy your hookup date.

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