Spanking: What makes this form of dating so interesting?

Spanking: What makes this form of dating so interesting?

Spanking: What makes this form of dating so interesting?
December 4, 2020

The famous tap on the butt, more known as Spanking, is proving to be a popular activity in bed. Most couples have tried it in the bedroom at some point. But what exactly does it mean, what makes in interesting? Thes questions will be discussed in more detail in this article.


Spanking is a good way to start if you want to experiment with BDSM. It's like the chaste version of BDSM. Where Spanking is mainly aimed at a friendly tap on the buttocks, BDSM goes a few steps further. Spanking is nothing more than the number of blows that someone gets to the buttocks, in rapid succession. It is therefore quite harmless unless of course, you hit it hard. But Spanking is not about pain; it is and will always be a hit. Just like you used to have as a child if you had been naughty. Your skin is already extremely sensitive, contrary to popular belief, the skin is called the largest sexual organ. And not the male or female sex organs.

In steps

Does the idea of ​​your lover tapping you on the butt startle you a bit? Then you don't have to slide Spanking off the table immediately. You can also start slowly. Namely, with a tickle feather; this way, you can perfectly test the sensitivity of your skin without having to walk around with red buttocks. To make a particular area of ​​your body very sensitive and enjoyable, a feather tickle is an excellent method to create that irritable feeling. This also makes the person very sensitive to soft touches such as kisses, a lick of the tongue or tickling with the fingers. The next step is, a mild form of Spanking. If your have to do with beginners, look for something that will give you the sensation all over your body. And therefore not something intense in a certain place. It would help if you had something tender and preferably something with a substance that makes the tap less harsh. You don't want to give your partner the full brunt the first time ". So using the flat hand is not an option; try a soft fabric paddle instead. So the key is to start slowly. That way, you keep it fun and playful.

Sensitive spots

After tapping, it is advisable to stroke or tickle the area: "Spanking is all about getting the blood to the surface of the skin to make it very sensitive. The caressing or tickling after a tap feels a lot more intense than before or without that tap ".


There is a fine line between pain and pleasure, which is what makes Spanking so appealing to many people. Tapping someone releases the substance dopamine, which makes people happy and which gives them more affection towards their partner. The buttocks are central when spanking, and that means that it occurs throughout the area, including the genitals, more blood flows. This causes intense excitement. Spanking is a great way to try out if you're looking for some variety in your sex life.

Make agreements

As with all activities that you do together, it is also important to indicate your boundary with Spanking. It is useful to come up with a safety word, a word that you both know that the other wants to stop as soon as he or she calls this. Also keep a close eye on your partner's body language, as long as he or she is enjoying it, there is nothing wrong, and you can continue. But as soon as the other person calls out the safety word or shows that he/she does not like it, you must stop immediately. Otherwise, the fun is soon over.

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