Transgender Dating

121 Transgender Dating

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If you are transsexual and want to go on dates with transsexual men or women, this dating site is for you. It's hard to be single. Meeting new people is not always easy, especially not as a transgender. It is scary to go after an unknown person and st

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Transgender Dating

Transgender Dating

There are a lot of websites these days that devote themselves to transgender sex. Despite all the attention given to this form of sex, it is still in the taboo sphere for many people, and the reason for this is that they don't understand much about it. The lack of understanding makes it taboo. This article discusses what can be understood by shemale sex and how you can get in touch with other shem ... [...]

What is the best way to date as a transgender?

Dating is exciting for everyone, but if you are transgender, it still has some extra challenges. Another often has to get used to your situation. But your own fear and uncertainty can also get in the way. What is the best way to date as a transgender? When you are in transition, you are often strongly focused on your own personal development. How much room is there for someone else that you still ... [...]