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The more souls, the more joy, and that also goes for wild sexual adventures. Break the monotonous sex with your regular partner and start having fun adventures with other couples. Sharing your bed with other couples is a great way to revive sex with your partner. There are millions of other couples who share the same responsibilities that are specific to adulthood: family responsibilities, career, children, and much more. Their sex life has faded into the background. Thats why this site is developed. This site makes it possible to breathe new life into your sex life.

Sharing is caring, try it with other couples

Register at 121 Couples and discover a new, sexy world in which couples invite you into their bedroom for exciting sexual evenings. This form of dating reinforces the bond in your primary relationship, since you browse the profiles together, chat and flirt together with like-minded couples. Together you can try new things in the bedroom, learn new skills, and taste the forbidden fruits while still in your familiar environment with your regular partner.

Safe and discreet dating

Your profile becomes 100% anonymous so that you can freely express your wildest fantasies and desires without limits. Your safety and trust is our number one priority alongside your sex life. Engaging in an online flirt or romance with someone who shares the same needs (such as anonymity and discretion) is the perfect solution to let go of your sexual frustrations and experience your fantasies. Whether you and your partner want a simple chat or search for someone who also wants a steaming session, without questions and obligations, then you are in the right place.

Double dating was never so much fun

Dating with other couples is not an ordinary double date. Each couple respects the need for discretion and understands what it is like to actively make time for sex. You don't have to organize unnecessary meals, this is a mature situation with one priority: having fun with all of them. Time is precious, especially when you have a lot of responsibilities. Once you are sure that you are on the same wavelength in terms of sex with the other couple, you can arrange a date that fits your agenda. Start dating with other couples today.

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Interested parties can register completely free, quickly and easily. All you have to do is fill in the online registration form. In this form you can indicate what your gender is, what your sexual preference is, what your e-mail address is and a password of your choice. After processing all relevant data, clicking on registration and confirming the registration, you can immediately start finding exciting couples for dates and more.

Customer service

For questions and / or comments you can contact the customer service of 121couples by filling in the online contact form. In this form you state the subject, your message and if necessary an attachment. The customer service will then try to provide an appropriate answer or solution as quickly as possible.

Articles about 121 Couples

Everything about dating for couples

Everything about dating for couples

On a dating site for couples, you choose a completely new way of dating. Start an exciting online contact, or on the other hand, choose to look for a new challenge together. Dating for couples is new Dating for couples is relatively new, as previously it was of course mainly singles who chose to get to know others. With the help of the Internet, couples have also been allowed to start dating, as ... [...]

How does couples dating work?

Couples dating or Partner exchange is a form of living together that not many couples choose. It can only work if you are not jealous and in many cases things go wrong there. If you choose partner exchange then there are two couples where you have a sexual relationship with each other's partner. That can go very far. It is therefore possible that the women of two heterosexual couples have a sexual ... [...]

121 Couples Reviews

    I didn't know that we had to pay

    If you look at the layout and the information on 121 couples you will get the feeling that this dating site is completely free. And indeed it is free to register yourself on the site and search profiles of other users as well. What we did not know is that you need to pay if you want to send messages to other members of this site. So that means that the 121 couples is not completely free. Furthermore you need to be patient if you want to meet a couple or a date in person. Our first date we had after two months membership. But I understand from my friends that they had a date within one week. So I think it really depends on the persons you get in touch with and the way you as a couple approach the other couples as well.

    The site is clear and gives couples the opportunity to get in touch with other interesting couples. So, I would surely recommend 121 couples to every couple who wants to have a great sex date and more with other man, woman or couples.

    - You need to be patient in order to get in contact with other interesting couples.
    - You need to pay if you want to send messages to other members of this site and more.

    Real dating site for all Couples

    My wife and I wanted to bring our sex life on another level by opening up to other couples. We wanted to have exciting sexual moments with other couples. That's why we decided to search for an interesting dating site which is focused especially on couples. In our search we came across 121 couples dating and the site itself looked very attractive. The site contains a picture of two women and one men which me and my wife very excited. So we registered for a free membership and we started to explore this dating site. I must say that 121 couples is really focused on couples and every match you can think of is possible on this dating site. For example, as a couple you can start dating a good looking boy or a sexy girl or another couple. The positive side of this dating site is that every member knows that the main goal on this site is couple dating. The most interesting part of our history with 121 couples is that we had a date within a few days. And after that on a frequent basis we had interesting chat moments with other couples and a few more dates. We think that every couple who want to have another sexual experience should sign up on this dating site.

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