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121 Spanking is a dating and fetish site for those who enjoy giving or recieving a jolly good spanking by either men and women. The site consists of a friendly community of spanking lovers that are all seeking likeminded individuals or couples who are also turned on by spanking. So if you like spank others or wish to be spanked yourself, this kinky spanking site is definitely one you should check out. So why not join today and you will soon be able to grab your spanking paddle, bend over and get a nice firm spanking! The site has thousands of spanking singles and couples for you to choose from so you are bound to find local members near you. This is a site for spankers made by spankers so you will feel right at home here. The site is very quick and simple to join, you can sign up for free and creating a profile only takes less than two minutes. So if this sounds appealing then why not sign up at 121 Spanking today!

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Spanking: What makes this form of dating so interesting?

Spanking: What makes this form of dating so interesting?

The famous tap on the butt, more known as Spanking, is proving to be a popular activity in bed. Most couples have tried it in the bedroom at some point. But what exactly does it mean, what makes in interesting? Thes questions will be discussed in more detail in this article. Innocent Spanking is a good way to start if you want to experiment with BDSM. It's like the chaste version of BDSM. Where ... [...]

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    I love to Spank men

    Because I Love to spank men and it is difficult to find like minded men in daily life. I decided to signup for the membership of 121 spanking. At first I thought the focus was only on men who want to spank women. But I experienced on this dating site that there are enough like minded men who would like to be spanked by me. So lady's if it makes you feel good to have a spank sex date with men and you want to be the person to spank the men, then you need to be on this interesting dating site. I even experienced that men only wanted a date with me to get spanked hard. They say it turns them on and give them another sort of pleasure. So yes, I surely would recommend this dating site to every spank lover.

    Positive sides on this dating site:
    - There are enough male members who would like to be spanked by a woman.
    - The datingsite is free of charge with regard to the registration process and when you want to search the profiles in order to find interesting males for dates and more.

    You need to buy credits to have long conversations with like minded males. But it is surely worth it.

    Finally a Spanking dating site

    I am very fond of Spanking sex, but because my girlfriend doesn't like it that much I am looking for one night stands and casual spanking sex dates with other like minded women. Because it is difficult to meet spanking lovers in my area and in real life, I started to search for spanking dating sites. Unfortunately, there are no a lot of spanking dating sites on the internet. On a certain moment I came across 121 spanking and I was amazed by what I saw on this site. Ofcourse I had to register my self on this site before I could geld a better view of this site, but I am very happy with this site. There are real spanking lovers on this site who are willing to chat and meet with me. They tell me their fantasies with regard to spanking sex and want to let me give them the real spanking experience. So of course I would recommend this site to every spanking lover. Who knows you may also get your spaning date on 121 Spanking.

    The site is easy accessible, and makes it possible to have real spanking dates with other members of the site.

    In the beginning the site looks very natural but once registered, you will see the benefits of this Spanking datingsite. Enough reason to sign up today for the best Spanking dates.

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