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If you are transsexual and want to go on dates with transsexual men or women, this dating site is for you. It's hard to be single. Meeting new people is not always easy, especially not as a transgender. It is scary to go after an unknown person and start a conversation. Your circle of friends may not be wide enough. Perhaps the nightlife in your city is not very exciting. Is it so that you see the same people every time? If you are trans then there are additional challenges. For example, you have met someone special and you are now in a relationship. But your new partner is cis and you have the feeling that you have to tell him or her that you are transsexual. You are afraid that you will lose your new lover. It takes a while for you to gather the courage. Wouldn't it be easier if you could avoid this stress? On 121 Transgender Dating it is much easier to be open and focus on the fun things that come with getting to know new people: the first kiss, the first time you go to bed together, stay awake all night and talk about life and your dreams. Love is incredibly beautiful and we want you to experience it.

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Do you also want to get to know a nice Transgender via this site? That's possible, you only need an account for that. Fortunately, you can register quickly and easily on this site by filling in the online click-through form or by clicking on "find dates now", "create a profile" or by clicking on "join our sites". After clicking on this, an online form will appear in which you can enter your gender, sexual preference, e-mail address and password of your choice. After processing all relevant data, confirming the registration, you can immediately start finding an exciting transgender date.

Safe and Secure Dating

121 Transgender Dating offers Transgenders an online platform where they can chat, exchange messages and meet each other in a secure and discreet manner when there is a click. Here at 121 Transgender Dating, we never share or display your personal information. You choose how much you want to share with our community. We have 24 hour dedicated customer support teams on hand to ensure your online space is safe and secure.

Types of membership

All new users will receive a free account on 121 Transgender Dating. With this free account, however, they have limited access to the various functionalities of the site. With this free account they can view profiles of other users and send private messages. If you want to increase the chance of a successful Transgender date, you can also upgrade your account to a VIP account. With a VIP account you can also read private messages and use the "search priority" option. The costs for upgrading the free account are:

1 month, € 40.46 p / month.

3 months, € 25.49 p / month.

12 months, € 12.74 p / month.

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Transgender Dating

Transgender Dating

There are a lot of websites these days that devote themselves to transgender sex. Despite all the attention given to this form of sex, it is still in the taboo sphere for many people, and the reason for this is that they don't understand much about it. The lack of understanding makes it taboo. This article discusses what can be understood by shemale sex and how you can get in touch with other shem ... [...]

What is the best way to date as a transgender?

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121 Transgender Dating Reviews

    Very recommendable site for trans lovers

    Just a few years ago I discovered that I love to have chat contact with transgenders. I also like to have sex dates with the ones I get to know. In daily life it is hard to find a good trans date. That's why I became a member of this site. 121 Transgender Dating provides all members a safe online dating platform upon which members can discretely get in touch which each other. The site is also part of the online dating guardian protection. So you know that the site is very reliable and recommendable for shemale lovers. You don't have to be ashamed to get in touch with other members of this site because everyone is searching for the same thing, a real hot transsexual date and more. So if you would ask me I surely would recommend this datingsite to every trans lover I know. Join this dating site and have the most amazing moments with one of the hot transcuties on this site.

    - Every member is searching for a hot transsexual date.
    - The site is safe and very reliable.
    - The site contains a lot of like minded men and they know what they want and what they are searching for.

    Dating site for the finest shemales

    Hi all transgender lovers,
    I am Kyara, transgender my self, and became a member of this site because in daily life i was hard for me to find the right guys. I don't regret my membership of this site, because there are enough males on this site who wants to experience transgender sex. Some of the men are not gay, but they just want to know how it is to have sex with a transgender. They want to have a one time experience. Besides these members, there are a lot of men and transgenders on this site to get satisfied. The only thing I don't like about this site is that there are also entertainment profiles. You can't meet with persons of entertainment profiles, so, you will have to wait a little bit untill you get in touch and meet with non entertainment profiles, but with profiles of real men and translovers.

    - The site has a lot of trans lovers. You can even meet straight guys who want to experience trans sex once in their life.
    - The site is very clear an accessible.

    There are also entertainment profiles on this dating site. You cannot meet with entertainment profiles.

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