Dogging: Seeing and to be seen during sex

Outdoor sex simply means sex in public spaces. That can be a couple secretly sitting on the beach having sex, to a complete gangbang with dozens of spectators. The first form of outdoor sex comes from the gay world, where it is also called "dogging" or "cruising". These were gays who went looking for anonymous sex with other men at night in parks, parking lots or remote bushes. At the same time, t ... [...]

Tips for a successful first Swinger date

You and your partner are open to have swinger dates and to actually come into contact with other like-minded couples, you decide to register with a Swinger Dating Site. After registering and having some online conversations you will come across an ideal Swing couple with whom you can meet because there is a mutual click. You agree to meet each other. On the day itself you are enthusiastic, nervou ... [...]

What is the best way to find BDSM sex contacts?

You have noticed for a while that you are a BDSM lover, but you do not know exactly how to find BDSM sex contacts. With the help of the internet you can always find someone who is looking for a certain fetish. Because meeting people online is becoming more and more popular, more and more dating site niche is emerging. Nowadays you also have dating sites where people can register who are looking fo ... [...]