How to have a successful cougar date

How to have a successful cougar date

November 12, 2019

Are you by any chance planning to catch an older woman this weekend? These women are not just looking for young men. Cougars are incredibly self-conscious, often full of confidence and they know exactly what they want. In daily life you will not come into contact with a cougar that easily. After all, it is not written on someone's forehead whether they are open to a cougar date or not. Do you want to catch a good cougar date? Then it's best to register on a reliable cougar dating site. Cougar dating is no longer taboo and because of the high demand, you also notice that more and more cougar dating sites are sprouting up like mushrooms. If you are planning to date a cougar, then there are some things to keep in mind. Here are some tips to have a succesful cougar date. 

Always know what you want

Are you looking for a quickie, friends with benefits or a long-term relationship? Not only does the self-confidence associated with a clear will come across well to an older woman, it also ensures that no conflicts or expectations arise. So if you are dating a cougar, tell her wat sort of relationship you want from her. 

Let her feel young

You are both aware that there is a significant age difference, but it is absolutely unnecessary to emphasize this by saying it. She undoubtedly wants to turn back the clock, so make sure she feels young. Compliment her for her looks and keep it cozy - take her out for dinner, a night out or on an adventurous date. A cougar’s toyboy is like a red hot car for a man in his mid-life crisis. Make sure she enjoys the ride.

Compress prejudices

Many people cannot cope well with a large age difference in a relationship, certainly not in someone else's relationship. Make sure your cougar does not have to worry that you feel the same way. If you can't laugh at the haters, then you can't expect her to do that. Make sure that the opinion of others does not play a role in your relationship.

Provide good bedroom skills

The days that a cougar had uncomfortable sex were very long ago, so make sure you perform. When you come to her home, make sure you bring all the skills. If you don't feel so confident, ask her what she likes. Cougars often like different things than younger girls, so talk about this. Cougars are also very experienced, so don't think that you will have to do all the "work". 

Make time for her

Certainly when your relationship consists of a fling or a friends with benefits, it is important that you are available when she asks for it. Don't fool yourself, you must be her only toyboy. So it makes absolutely no sense to play hard to get. When you develop a reputation that you are hard to get, you will be lower and lower on her booty call list.

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