Gay Dating Sites and Apps: How do you know if they are safe and discreet?

Gay Dating Sites and Apps: How do you know if they are safe and discreet?

Gay Dating Sites and Apps: How do you know if they are safe and discreet?
December 3, 2020

As a gay or bi man, active on chat sites and gay dating apps, staying safe is the number one priority. After all, violence, discrimination and aggression against homosexual men, bisexuals and transgender people still occur regularly. Who does not know someone who has once been trapped and ended up in a dangerous situation? Whether you are looking for a sex date, want to meet up with friends or have a relationship as your goal, your safety comes first. But how do you know if a dating site or app is safe and reliable?

Protect your identity

The first step in protecting yourself is to protect all of your personal information. After all, you never know who you are dealing with on the internet. Your first name is all you have to share, but that is often not necessary either. If possible, do not use your real first name but an alias or username that cannot be traced back to your real name.

Trust your intuition

If something doesn't feel right, it often is. While you're meeting someone for the first time, you pick up all kinds of things that you can't describe in words. You experience the environment, body language and expressions that together represent a picture of the situation. If this situation doesn't feel right, then it's time to be on your guard. Do not go against this feeling with the thought that it is okay. If you have the feeling that something is not right, quickly leave.

Don't rush things

What scammers and other malicious parties do not feel like is someone who does not want to meet up quickly. By taking the time and not rushing, you will be better able to find out if someone has good intentions or not. Only share your location with the other person if you are fully convinced that you don't need to worry.

Tell someone about your date

After the necessary considerations, do you still decide to meet someone? Then tell someone you know well where you are going and with whom you are meeting. If something does not go according to plan, someone else knows where you are and can take action. It may sound a bit childish to do this, but it is still a useful tool for protecting yourself. You can then keep the person informed about how things are going during the date.

Report threats and incidents

If something happens that makes you a victim, you must report it. You not only protect yourself but also prevent others from experiencing the same.

Choose a dating site with a manual profile check

Staying safe during online dating also means paying attention to the choice of a dating site or app. Not all gay chat sites and apps offer the same level of security. For example, there are several chat sites where control leaves a lot to be desired. The lack of this control is a license for malicious parties. What you should pay attention to is that a registration using Facebook login or e-mail address is required, including a manual check.

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