On this site you can really be yourself

On this site you can really be yourself

"Not only gays, but also straight men join 121 Bi". These are the exact words of my transfriend. I am straight but sometimes I fantasize more about sex with a man, the different positions, what I would like to experience myself and would also like to know about others and share my desires with them. It does not have to come to a physical meeting, I already enjoy chatting about sex with other people. However, I am a very shy type and therefore I am not free to discuss these things with friends, family or acquaintances. After talking to my transfriend I decided to look for a nice Bi- sexual dating site to see if I really like men as well. That's when I cam across 121 Bi dating. It seemed exciting to me to be the anonymously, safely and discreetly get in touch with other Bi- sexual men. I have contact with several men on this site and believe me there are enough men, married and unmarried, who fantasize about the most interesting, but also bizarre sex positions with other men. I enjoy chatting with them about these kinds of topics and of course we try to make our fantasies come true through the chat. All in all, a safe and discreet sites where you can just be yourself and not be afraid that others will look down or criticize you. I even had a real date with a trans- cutie and I loved the experience.

A site where you can just be yourself. The site is secure and discrete. You can send nice sexy chat messages to other users at any time of the day.

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